Another ear infection

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That makes 4 ear infections just in the last month. The Granville doc has diagnosed “Glue Ear”, and apparently the treatment is a low dose, long term antibiotic.


And for today’s light entertainment, check out the hair in the photo – a static charge does funny things when you have curly hair!

6 Responses to “Another ear infection”

  1. mark Says:

    And the expression on that face … he looks very unimpressed with yet another ear infection.

  2. Fe Says:

    Poor little thing! BIG hugs to all of you!


  3. steph Says:

    *hugs* little one- and *hugs* to the Mum who has to stay up late and administer said ABX!

  4. Emily Says:

    Poor old thing!

    I wouldn’t usually give long term ABx for glue ear – here’s a link to what says in case you’re interested. and NHS site (loads of info) and also otovent (look at the amusing video re the autoinflation)

    Anyway, interference over! Hope the hard drive is in remission…

  5. lara Says:

    Thanks Emily! I hoped you would have some wisdom for us :)

    We’re having a hearing test in a few weeks, that should give us a proper diagnosis, and then we’ll see the paed after that. I’m not worried, he talks so much that he either hears perfectly well, or is psychic….

  6. Emily Says:

    I love the idea that he’s psychic – so possible!

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