Another Christmas present reveal


Dad’s Christmas pressie.

When he was in hospital in Bangkok, about to have surgery under a general anaesthetic, Adam and I sent him flowers.  I hadn’t thought what we would write on the card, so when the florist asked, I got a bit flustered, and this was what I said.

Dad was chuffed.  He had never been sent flowers before, and he kept the card like a prized possession, and showed us when he got home.  So I figured a little subversive cross stitch was in order.  One of my better gifts…..

BTW.  Keen eyes will notice that the word “don’t” isn’t centred correctly.  Built in irony.

And tomorrow, the plane that interrupts your conversation in Sydney’s inner west around 5.10pm will be carrying me and my sweetie off to Bangkok to start out honeymoon.  Wish us luck.

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Hi, I'm Lara. I live in Sydney with my adorable husband, two superb examples of the Order Lagomorpha, a cat with mental health issues, a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo in need of rehabilitation, and the Disco Diva's of Denistone - our bantam cross chooks. My current passions are Knitpicks Options needles, lace knitting, and learning to spin.

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